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dc.contributor.authorOkonkwo, Chinedu Wilfred
dc.contributor.authorHuisman, Magda
dc.identifier.citationOkonkwa, C.W. & Huisman, M. 2019.The predicting success factors of mobile applications development: organizational perspectives. Proceedings of the 12th IADIS Conference Information Systems, 2019:11-18. []en_US
dc.description.abstractMobile applications (mobile apps) development is one of the fastest evolving technological innovations across the globe. The immense growth of mobile apps development can be attributed to the incredible rate of growth of mobile technology and its propagation into every facet of modern life. The success of these applications lies within some predicting success factors with respect to stakeholders' expectations and perceptions. Researchers have attempted to identify the factors influencing mobile apps development. However, these researches were mostly conducted from the individual software developers' perspective. This paper presents an empirical investigation of the significance of these predicting factors of mobile apps development from different organizations perspectives. A survey was conducted among different organizations that are involved in one way or another in the development of mobile apps. The findings showed that individual development skills, functionality, mobile devices specifications, use of a software development kit, back-end integration, portability, web and network integration, and the use of a system development methodology are the predicting success factors of mobile apps development whereas open source technology is not. Furthermore, different types of organizations have different perceptions of how important a predicting success factor is in the development of mobile appsen_US
dc.subjectMobile applications developmenten_US
dc.subjectPredicting success factorsen_US
dc.subjectMobile applicationsen_US
dc.titleThe predicting success factors of mobile applications development: organizational perspectivesen_US
dc.contributor.researchID24908363 - Okonkwo, Chinedu Wilfrid
dc.contributor.researchID10066896 - Huisman, Hester Magrietha

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