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dc.contributor.advisorSnyman, Retha
dc.contributor.authorMallo, Christine Vera
dc.descriptionThesis (MIT)--University of Pretoria, 2002.
dc.description.abstractAim of study: The purpose of this study is to investigate the current knowledge management status within the Academic Information Service at the University of Pretoria. Research method: A literature study was conducted to establish the nature and value of knowledge management for organizations. A questionnaire was used to obtain reliable information with regard to the current value and nature of knowledge management within the Academic Information Service at the University of Pretoria. Core findings: Within an academic library like the Academic Information Service at Pretoria, there exist a certain misconception that libraries are already doing knowledge management for years. The management of knowledge for clients, and providing knowledge and information to the client are seen as knowledge management. It was indicated that within the Academic Information Service there is not much attention given to the management of tacit knowledge within the organization. This shows that libraries aren’t doing knowledge management for years. They are doing explicit management of knowledge but not tacit management of organizational knowledge. Within this study it is stressed why this tacit knowledge is so important for an organization to exist and compete within these turbulent times we live in. The academic information service is not managing their tacit knowledge to the fullest potential and for benefit of the organization. There is no culture or incentives conducive to knowledge sharing within the library. The existing technology namely the intranet and portal aren’t re ally enablers for knowledge management. There exist a lot of barriers to knowledge management within the AIS that should be attended to. A knowledge management strategy is suggested with a lot of shifts in connection to the culture of the organization, incentives and information technology.
dc.publisherUniversity of Pretoria
dc.subjectKnowledge managementen
dc.subjectKnowledge management strategtyen
dc.subjectInformation life cycleen
dc.titleAn exploratory study into the current status of knowledge management within an academic libraryen

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