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dc.contributor.authorPienaar, Adrian Cecil Semino
dc.descriptionThesis (M.B.A.)--North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2009.
dc.description.abstractIf a programme which intends to measure performance is to work successfully in an organisation, it is necessary to understand the contingent factors that need to be in place regardless of philosophical beliefs. It must be integrated with the overall strategy of the business; all approaches to performance measurement emphasise the alignment of objectives, measures, strategic decision making and rewards. This is crucial, as it is not possible to measure performance unless it is clear what an organisation is trying to achieve. Value-based management (VBM) is a powerful management framework with the aim to focus all managerial processes on shareholder wealth creation. It therefore encourages all staff levels within the organisation to focus on value creation. Various metrics have been developed to measure the value creation process within the organisation. The application of VBM principles at the lower levels within the organisation is critical to ensure that lower level staff applies value-creating principles in their daily jobs. Anglo Platinum has also adopted VBM, which will help the organisation to enhance decision-making and ensure pursuing strategies that maximise value. Anglo VBM is a management system which will enable the company to significantly improve the quality and speed of decision-making and to drive performance and profitable growth. It requires a detailed understanding of where and why value is created or consumed within the businesses through assembling a comprehensive fact base. A quantitative study was done to collect primary data through the use of standardised questionnaires that were distributed to respondents at Bleskop and Brakspruit shafts as well all the accountants at Rustenburg Platinum Mine, which forms part of Anglo Platinum. The results from this study indicate that there is a low understanding of VBM as well as a strong focus on business unit objectives and on short-term goals. A key recommendation would be to use incentive mechanisms to be aligned to VBM.
dc.publisherNorth-West University
dc.subjectValue-based management (VBM)en
dc.subjectEconomic value added (EVA)en
dc.subjectEmbedded value (EV)en
dc.subjectShareholder value added (SVA)en
dc.subjectDiscounted cash flow (DCF)en
dc.titleValue-based management : an assessment of the application in a mining companyen

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