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dc.contributor.authorMulovhedzi, Takalani Peter
dc.descriptionThesis (M.Th. (Pastoral))--North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2005
dc.description.abstractThe main problem which this study aims to address is; "How should Biblical views of sex be applied in the life of the unmarried Christians in the church of God?" In attempting to address this problem, the study will try to answer the following questions: - What are the Scriptural perspectives about Pre-marital sex? - What are the practical situations that unmarried Christians meet in their daily lives? - How can unmarried Christians be guided within Christian perspectives to abstain from pre-marital sex? The aim of this study is to investigate and propose guidelines for counselling unmarried Christians concerning matters of pre-marital sex. Zerfass's model for research was utilised in this study, forming basis-theoretical, meta-theoretical and practice-theoretical guidelines and methodology (Heyns & Pieterse, 1990:35-36). The study compares Scriptural perspectives about pre-marital sex with the practical situations that unmarried Christians meet in their daily lives. Attention is paid to three important concepts: Pre-marital sex, sexual intercourse, and unmarried Christians. The Scriptural perspectives and the key concepts are researched in detail, compared and evaluated. As a conclusion, guidelines are provided h m a Christian perspectives that can help unmarried Christians to abstain from sex before marriage. Pre-marital sex is a serious issue all over the country of South Africa, and its prevention has first of all to do with providing the correct information and then practicing it in everyday life. Pre-marital sex in the church is strongly influenced and by wrong information and messages h m the world, as is indicated in the empirical work. The problem in the church is caused by unmarried Christians who fail to apply and practice Biblical principles of pre-marital sex in their daily life. It is the church's responsibility to remind all young people about the danger of committing the sin of sexual immorality (sex and sexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, incest, prostitution, pornography, rape, etc). Unmarried Christians need to know what the will of God is with regard to sex and related matters in order that they can be able to abstain from sexual activities. The only way to help unmarried Christians to abstain from premarital sex is found in God's Word, the Bible. Without applying and practicing Biblical knowledge, no unmarried Christian can abstain. God has provided guidelines to avoid pre-marital sex in the life of the young people. They are guidelines that should be used by all Christians and counsellors in counselling and helping unmarried Christians to live lives that are clean before God. Because the unmarried Christian is a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), he or she must not only know God's principles for sex, but he/she is instructed to apply them in everyday life. The ability to follow God's guidelines and principles regarding pre-marital sex is accomplished through Christ's presence in young people's lives.
dc.publisherNorth-West University
dc.titlePastoral guidelines for unmarried Christians regarding pre-marital sexen

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