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dc.contributor.authorVan der Schyff, Martha Levina
dc.descriptionThesis (M.A. (MW Forensic))--North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2009.
dc.description.abstractSouth African adolescents are at high risk of becoming victims of sexual abuse. However, research and experience by practising social workers show that adolescents are reluctant to report sexual abuse immediately. This could be due to the lack recognised guidelines available by which to report abuse and receive the necessary help. The purpose of the research was to investigate the reasons why adolescents fail to report sexual abuse in order to establish relevant guidelines. This would also determine the role of the forensic social worker in the report of sexual abuse by adolescent victims. The research followed a combined quantitative and qualitative approach. 220 adolescents from two high schools and six Welkom social workers were involved in the investigation. Both groups of participants completed questionnaires while the social workers were also involved in a focus group. Forensic social workers work is a new field of specialisation in the social work profession. There is a serious misconception about the role of the forensic social worker not only among other practising social workers, but also among the general public and adolescents in specific. The forensic social worker can play an important role in establishing guidelines for the report of sexual abuse by adolescent victims. The findings clearly showed that adolescents do not report sexual abuse within the family. The abused adolescent becomes a victim as South Africa does not yet have definite guidelines available for the report of sexual abuse. The study found that the forensic social worker has a definite role to play in the report of sexual abuse by adolescents.
dc.publisherNorth-West University
dc.subjectReporting guidelinesen_US
dc.subjectForensic social worken_US
dc.subjectSexual abuseen_US
dc.titleAanmeldingsriglyne vir adolessente wat aan seksuele misbruik blootgestel wordafr

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