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dc.contributor.authorStreicher, Johannes Albertus Cornelius
dc.descriptionThesis (M.Com. (Management Accounting))--North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2005.
dc.description.abstractThis study describes the correct way in which cost management should be applied. Two manufacturers of plastic containers, Tupperware SA Manufacturing and Addis Plastic ware, were used to determine the way they apply cost management. The objective is to give information and guidelines in cost management to these manufacturers, to strengthen their competitive position through the reduction and management of their cost. In order to achieve the above, various managerial and management accounting principles were used together with systems and techniques in cost management. This was also done to analyse and resolve the problems that occurred in the field of study. The systems and techniques previously mentioned include computer integrated manufacturing, the influence of a changing business environment, a just-in-time system and flexible manufacturing systems. It furthermore handles the theory of constraints in order to provide a way to manage constraints and continuously improve activities. Cost and the application of cost were described. Applicable cost systems together with examples of these were given as an illustration, to provide a basis for the way cost should be calculated and accounted for. Business process re-engineering was described to provide some principles and techniques to simplify re-engineering processes and to improve timeliness. There were referred to quality, the cost of quality and techniques to resolve quality problems together with total quality management, continuous improvement and time as a competitive weapon. Cost management with the focus and uses were described to get efficient cost management. In order to efficiently apply cost management a few techniques were described. These techniques included lifecycle costing, target costing, Kaizen costing, activity-based management, the value-chain analysis, benchmarking, characteristics of a good cost system and cost management as a strategic weapon. In the analysis of the way cost management is applied at manufacturers of plastic containers, there were a lot of important problems that occurred. Certain conclusions and recommendations were given in order to improve cost management and therefore reduce cost. Manufacturers of plastic containers must ensure that the mentioned cost management techniques are implemented, customer satisfaction is maintained, the competitive position is strengthened, cost are reduced, profits are increased and the standard quality of the products stay the same.
dc.publisherNorth-West University
dc.titleKostebestuur by vervaardigers van plastiekhouersafr

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