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dc.contributor.authorKotze, F. Jacoen_US
dc.contributor.authorStrydom, Christien A.en_US
dc.contributor.authorDu Plessis, Antonen_US
dc.contributor.authorDlamini, Thulani L.en_US
dc.identifier.citationKotze, F.J. et al. 2010. Fast- and ultra-fast laser pulse induced reactions between carbon dioxide and methane. Journal of natural gas chemistry, 19(2):198-202. []en_US
dc.description.abstractThe direct excitation of CO2 using fast (nanosecond) and ultrafast (femtosecond) pulsed lasers was investigated. A gas reaction cell was used to excite CO2 in a 50 : 50 mixture of CO2 and CH4 using nano- and femtosecond laser systems, to induce a reaction between these two compounds. FT-IR spectra showed that CO was formed using the nanosecond and femtosecond laser systems. It was also found that hydrocarbons, containing C-C bonds were formed. For both the nanosecond and femtosecond laser, it was found that more C-C higher hydrocarbons were formed after 5 h compared to 3 h of irradiation. Irradiation at pressures of 250, 350 and 500 kPa with the femtosecond laser system showed the expected increase in the amount of CO formed with an increase in pressure. Results from this study showed that carbon dioxide and methane can be activated successfully using nanosecond laser pulses at 2000 nm and femtosecond laser pulses at 795 or 2000 nm and that these activated species react to form CO and C-C containing products
dc.subjectTuneable laser systems
dc.subjectCarbon dioxide
dc.titleFast-and ultra-fast laser pulse induced reactions between carbon dioxide and methaneen_US
dc.contributor.researchID20682972 - Strydom, Christiena Adriana
dc.contributor.researchID12785520 - Kotze, Francois Jacobus

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