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dc.contributor.authorConlong, Desmond Edwarden_US
dc.contributor.authorCugala, Den_US
dc.contributor.authorDefabachew, Ben_US
dc.contributor.authorLe Ru, Brunoen_US
dc.contributor.authorMatama-Kauma, Ten_US
dc.contributor.authorMoyal, Pen_US
dc.contributor.authorPallangyo, Ben_US
dc.contributor.authorVan den Berg, Johannen_US
dc.identifier.citationConlong, D.E., Cugala, D., Defabachew, B., Le Ru, B., Matama-Kauma, T., Moyal, P., Pallangyo, B. & Van den Berg, J. 2010. Systematics and molecular phylogeny of two African stem borer genera, Sciomesa. Bulletin Of Entomological Research, 100(6):641-659, Jun. []en_US
dc.identifier.issn1475-2670 (Online)en_US
dc.publisherCambridge University Pressen_US
dc.titleSystematics and molecular phylogeny of two African stem borer genera, Sciomesa...en_US

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