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dc.contributor.authorMosadi, Pogiso Matthews
dc.descriptionThesis (M. Ontwikkeling en Bestuur)--North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2005.
dc.description.abstractThe Batho-Pele programme is a prescribed national government initiative which must be implemented by all government departments. The objective of this prescribed programme is across the board improved service delivery. It is the objective of this research to describe and analyse the progress made by the North West Department of Social Services, Arts, Culture and Sport in the implementation of the Batho-Pele programme since 1998. The basis assumption is that the Department has thus far been unsuccessful in terms of effectively establishing this programme within its functional activities. This severely hampered the Department's ability to render effective services to the public and identified beneficiaries. The inefficiencies in the departmental implementation process can be narrowed down to the following aspects: A lack of integrated planning The absence of effective communication links The failure to improve the quality of live of beneficiaries A lack of standard departmental implementation procedures Inefficient evaluation and monitoring mechanisms Research will be structured by measuring the departmental implementation procedure against the prescribed national government implementation steps to realise the objectives of the Batho-Pele programme. In this regard the departmental Service Delivery Improvement Plan, as introduced in 1998, will be analysed. Such an approach will firstly enable the researcher to establish what the shortcomings within the implementation procedure are. However this approach will secondly also highlight the positive aspects of the programme. In other words a balanced perspective of the implementation procedure will be provided. Through identifying the shortcomings and linking it to the positive outcomes of the programme it would be possible to come to specific conclusions regarding the shortcomings of the programme. On the basis of these conclusions it would be possible to make specific recommendations on how to refine and improve the service delivery process to the benefit of the public.
dc.publisherNorth-West University
dc.titleThe implementation of the Batho-Pele principles in the North West Provincial Department of Social Services, Arts, Culture and Sporten

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