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dc.contributor.authorBosman, Johan
dc.descriptionThesis (Ph.D. (Pastoral))--North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2008.
dc.description.abstractVooronderstellings by die Beradene - 'n Pastorale Studie is a doctoral dissertation which explores the proposition and find that identifying presuppositions ("core beliefs") and taking it into account enhances the effectiveness of the pastoral counselling process. The practical-theological model of Heitink is used as method to do research. It entails hermeneutical, empirical and strategic aspects: Hermeneutically 1. To show from Scripture some relevant perspectives on the research concept "presupposition", with the counselee in view. 2. To show from boarder sciences such as Philosophy and Psychology some relevant perspectives on the research concept "presupposition", with the counselee in view. Empirically 3. To determine if "presuppositions" play a role with counselees. Strategically 4. To formulate guidelines for effective counselling, identifying "presuppositions" of counselees and dealing with those "presuppositions". Given the understanding of "presupposition" as a belief that takes precedence over another and therefore serves as a criterion for another particular perspectives are shown from Scripture which narrow down basic concepts like "view of man", "perception" and "world and life view" pointing out that presuppositions of counselees should be taken into account. Jay Edward Adams's use of the word "presupposition" can be traced back via Cornelius van Til to the influential figure lmmanuel Kant. Van Til's use of the word is not the same as Adams though Adams associated himself with Van Til. Taking Idealism into account does not make Cornelius Van Til an Idealist. H.G. Stoker supplements Van Til's understanding and use of the word "presupposition". "Depth" and "coherence" come in this way to light with "symbiosis" regarding counselling. Aaron T. Beck's therapeutic model pertinently gives attention to and focuses upon the counselee, especially information processing by the counselee. Presuppositions ("core beliefs") can thus be clinically investigated, taken into account and be dealt with during counselling. An empirical investigation at Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, SA shows that the counselling process is definitely influenced by presuppositions of counsellees. It is therefore needed that counselling (by the Church) gives urgent and in-depth attention to presuppositions of counselees. From the classical reformed paradigm of doing theology Vooronderstellings by die Beradene - 'n Pastorale Studie formulates a therapeutic design called "Referential Therapy" and some preliminary guidelines to identify and deal with presuppositions of counselees.
dc.publisherNorth-West University
dc.subjectBiblical counsellingen
dc.subjectCore beliefsen
dc.subjectNarrative counsellingen
dc.subjectReferential therapyen
dc.titleVooronderstellings by die beradene : 'n pastorale studieafr

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