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    • Religious and cultural dress as school: a comparative perspective 

      De Waal, E; Russo, C J; Mestry, R (2011)
      This article investigates and compares the different approaches towards the dress code of learners1 in South Africa and the United States of America (US), as the US mainly base litigation concerning school dress code on ...
    • The right to dignity and restorative justice in schools 

      Reyneke, M (2011)
      A retributive and punitive approach is normally adopted in dealing with misbehaviour in South African schools. Despite the legal abolition of corporal punishment, more than 50 percent of schools still administer it. Other ...
    • Sexual harassment in the education sector 

      Smit, D; Du Plessis, V (2011)
      Education should safely shape the minds and attitudes of young adults and children, especially with the in loco parentis principle in mind. Young adults who have experienced sexual harassment in the very environment that ...