An analysis of precision agriculture in the South African summer grain producing areas / Hendriks J.

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dc.contributor.author Hendriks, Joseph en_US
dc.date.accessioned 2012-09-10T16:21:06Z
dc.date.available 2012-09-10T16:21:06Z
dc.date.issued 2011 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10394/7318
dc.description Thesis (M.B.A.)--North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2012.
dc.description.abstract Both globally and locally, agriculture faces ever increasing challenges such as high input costs, strict environmental laws, decrease in land for cultivation and an increase in demand due to the growing global population. Profitability and sustainability requires more effective production systems. Precision agriculture is identified as such a system and is built upon a system approach that aims to restructure the total system of agriculture towards low input, high efficiency and sustainable agriculture. The aim of this study was to analyse the state of precision agriculture in the summer grain producing areas of South Africa, specifically the North West and Free State provinces. In order to achieve this, a literature study was conducted. During the literature study the term ‘precision agriculture’ was defined and discussed. The precision agriculture cycle and its components were explained and benefits of precision agriculture were identified. The literature study was concluded with identifying and discussing the most widely used and most beneficial technologies as well as reasons for slow adoption. Findings from the literature study were used to investigate the state of precision agriculture locally. In order to achieve this, a quantitative approach was used and information was collected by means of an empirical study using a questionnaire. Questionnaires were distributed to farmers using selling agents of an agricultural company that is well represented in the targeted areas. The data was then statistically analysed. The survey showed that only 52% of summer grain producing farmers in the North West and Free State provinces of South Africa practises precision agriculture as defined in the v literature study. The study also revealed that the majority of precision agriculture farmers are over the age of 40, have more than 16 years of farming experience, are well educated, cultivate more than 1,000 hectares and uses none or little irrigation. The most commonly used precision agriculture technologies were grid soil sampling and yield monitors. The perception among most of the farmers was that precision technologies are not very affordable, not easily available and that it lacks proper testing with regards to efficiency. The group of summer grain–producing farmers that have correctly implemented precision agriculture as per definition stated that the benefits they derived from precision technologies include reduction in input costs, increased outputs and improved management skills. Too high implementation costs and technologies not providing enough benefits were among the main reasons farmers do not implement precision agriculture. It was concluded that a significant effort and amount of work is needed to increase the use of precision agriculture among summer grain–producing farmers in the targeted areas. A consolidated effort from government, agricultural institutions and agricultural companies will be needed to achieve this goal. Implementing precision agriculture as a system will require education (from primary to tertiary institutions) and improved marketing strategies. Only then will precision technologies be able to help meet the future demands placed on the agriculture sector. en_US
dc.publisher North-West University
dc.subject Precision agriculture en_US
dc.subject Precision farming en_US
dc.subject Precision farmers en_US
dc.subject Sustainable farming en_US
dc.subject Crop management en_US
dc.subject Management strategy en_US
dc.subject Information technology en_US
dc.subject Precision agriculture technologies en_US
dc.subject Crop production en_US
dc.subject Production areas en_US
dc.subject Production method en_US
dc.subject Cultivation en_US
dc.subject Variability en_US
dc.subject Management zones en_US
dc.subject Sensors en_US
dc.subject Monitoring en_US
dc.subject Precision agriculture cycle en_US
dc.subject Information en_US
dc.subject Data analysis en_US
dc.subject Decision making en_US
dc.subject Implementation en_US
dc.subject Evaluation en_US
dc.subject Implementation systems en_US
dc.subject Variable rate technology en_US
dc.subject Outputs en_US
dc.subject Inputs en_US
dc.subject Economic advantages en_US
dc.subject Environmental advantages en_US
dc.subject Adoption en_US
dc.subject Farming experience en_US
dc.subject Perceptions en_US
dc.subject Attitudes en_US
dc.subject Precision agriculture group en_US
dc.subject Non-precision agriculture group en_US
dc.subject Total sample en_US
dc.subject Education en_US
dc.subject Marketing strategies en_US
dc.subject Presisielandbou en_US
dc.subject Presisieboerdery en_US
dc.subject Presisieboere en_US
dc.subject Volhoubare boerdery en_US
dc.subject Gewasbestuur en_US
dc.subject Bestuursstrategie en_US
dc.subject Inligtingstegnologie en_US
dc.subject Presisieboerderytegnologie en_US
dc.subject Gewasproduksie en_US
dc.subject Produksieareas en_US
dc.subject Produksiemetode en_US
dc.subject Verbouing en_US
dc.subject Veranderlikheid en_US
dc.subject Bestuursgebiede en_US
dc.subject Sensors en_US
dc.subject Monitering en_US
dc.subject Presisieboerderysiklus en_US
dc.subject Inligting en_US
dc.subject Data-analise en_US
dc.subject Besluitneming en_US
dc.subject Implementering en_US
dc.subject Evaluering en_US
dc.subject Implementeringsisteme en_US
dc.subject Differensiële tegnologie en_US
dc.subject Uitsette en_US
dc.subject Insette en_US
dc.subject Ekonomiese voordele en_US
dc.subject Omgewingsvoordele en_US
dc.subject Boerdery-ondervinding en_US
dc.subject Persepsies en_US
dc.subject Ingesteldheid en_US
dc.subject Presisieboerderygroep en_US
dc.subject Nie-presisieboerderygroep en_US
dc.subject Totale monster en_US
dc.subject Onderwys en_US
dc.subject Bemarkingstrategie en_US
dc.title An analysis of precision agriculture in the South African summer grain producing areas / Hendriks J. en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
dc.description.thesistype Masters en_US

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