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dc.contributor.authorMunro, Martha Maria Susanna
dc.descriptionThesis (MA)--PU vir CHO, 1993
dc.description.abstractThe problem as it is indicated in chapter one, is that some tutors cannot really outline the meaning of voice projection in theatre. Some research must be done about voice production according to the law of nature, before an attempt can be made to understand the concept of voice production in theatre. Voice is sound and therefore it is necessary to study the science of sound at an elementary level (see chapter one). Sound is produced through a generator, vibrator and resonator. The generator in the human body is the breathing system. The larynx act as the vibrator and the supralaryngeal tract as the resonator. It is necessary to have a scientifically based knowledge about the anatomical and physiological functioning of the breathing system as a generator (chapter three), the larynx as a vibrator (chapter four) and the supralaryngeal tract as the resonator (chapter five) during voice production in order to understand voice projection. Voice projection can happen only when voice production happens optimally according to the laws of nature. Body alignment will have an influence on voice production, and therefore on voice projection. Voice production happens in die human body as a whole. The influence of body alignment on voice production is discussed in chapter six. Now that an investigation about voice production, and with it voice projection, has been done, the question still stands: How can the tutor help the student to get his/her voice production according to the law of nature, and through that voice projection? Chapter seven gives a set of daily exercises which will develop voice production according to the law of nature.en_US
dc.publisherPotchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education
dc.title'n Inleiding tot stemproduksie in die teater : die wetenskap van projeksieafr

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