Geohydrological issues of importance in the area governed by the Delmas local municipality

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dc.contributor.author Nealer, Eric John
dc.contributor.author 10224793 - Tempelhoff, Johann Wilhelm Nicolaas
dc.contributor.author 10065016 - Van Eeden, Elize Sonja
dc.contributor.author 12620394 - Van Niekerk, Dewald
dc.date.accessioned 2012-11-28T09:26:41Z
dc.date.available 2012-11-28T09:26:41Z
dc.date.issued 2011
dc.identifier.citation Nealer, E.J. et al. 2011. Geohydrological issues of importance in the area governed by the Delmas local municipality. Politeia, 30(3):6-31. [http://reference.sabinet.co.za/sa_epublication/polit] en_US
dc.identifier.issn 0256-8845
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10394/7789
dc.description.abstract The constraints that have been experienced in recent years with the Delmas water supply have largely been as a result of it being situated in a dolomite area, the environmental reality which, from a human and economic standpoint, seems to be a definite drawback. Previous reports on diarrhoea outbreaks in the Delmas area (1993, 2005 and 2007) have consistently noted a groundwater contamination of the A well field's groundwater abstraction boreholes. While water contamination certainly had a role to play in the diarrhoea outbreaks, there were other contributing environmental factors. Amongst these were the physical environment has been severely polluted and significant interventions in environmental elements, such as local surface water streams, that were recorded during the research process. The nature and extent of water (raw, potable and waste) management in and by the Delmas Local Municipality will be the focus of this article, and certain significant geohydrological issues to consider in the achievement of effective municipal governance will be debated. Recommendations on the possible improvement of the municipal water services management in and by the Municipality will form part of the debate and may serve as pointers for improving the governance, by local governments, of the geohydrological realities that cause constraints in their various areas of responsibility. These outcomes may also find an application in other similarly problematic municipal areas. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Unisa Press en_US
dc.subject Diarrhoea outbreak en_US
dc.subject dolomite en_US
dc.subject environmental management en_US
dc.subject municipal governance en_US
dc.subject potable water supply en_US
dc.subject surface water catchment area en_US
dc.title Geohydrological issues of importance in the area governed by the Delmas local municipality en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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