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dc.contributor.authorUbbink, Maria Johanna
dc.descriptionThesis (Ph.D. (MW))--North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2006.
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this research was to empower Coloureds in Greenspark based on qualitative and quantitative research from a narrative approach so that they can develop their potential as leaders in the community by means of a group work leadership development programme. The thesis comprises of five Sections. SECTION A This section indicates the actuality of the research. The problem statement as well as the aim and five objectives are explained in this section. This research was undertaken within the DR & U model, namely The Developmental and Utilization model of Grinnell (1981) with a combined qualitative and quantitative research approach. This research was done from a social constructivist paradigm, and the research epistemology was qualitative by nature. The exploratory design was used as research plan. In order to note down data collection and processing systematically, video recordings were made of the group discussions. Two external evaluators as well as the group members themselves were also used to do the evaluation. The group work leadership development programme was also evaluated by the group members by means of a self-compiled questionnaire. SECTION B This section took the form of five articles in which the research findings were reported. All five articles form part of the overarching research aim and objectives and of the entire research project. However, each article is a distinctive subdivision of the entire research project, because it also functions independently - each with an own objective, own research methodology as well as a distinctive content. Section B consists of the following articles: Article 1 The objective of Article 1 was to establish the role the empowerment approach plays from the post-modern perspective in social work, by means of literature analysis. Empowerment was applied differently in different situations within the post-modern philosophy. Group work as a method of social work is a possible way in which the empowerment of individuals can be dealt with. Together with the community, the parties involved are responsible for empowering individuals. Article 2 The objective of this article was to establish the points of departure of the narrative approach by means of a literature analysis. From the literature analysis, it became clear that the narrative approach does not work with strategies, but with responsibilities, in which each individual takes responsibility for his/her own social construction, which includes his/her choices for life. Article 3 Article 3 discussed the role the narrative approach plays in group work within social work. Guidelines for dealing with empowerment within the group work process from the narrative approach were determined by means of a literature analysis. The focus was on relevant literature with specific reference to narrative theory, which included empowerment as well as the post-modern way of thinking and the description of group work. Article 4 The objective of Article 4 was to determine the role the narrative approach possibly plays in group work. The theoretical knowledge was utilised from the narrative approach in developing a group work leadership development programme. Article 5 With Article 5, the objective was to evaluate the group work development programme. This evaluation was attended to by two external consultants, as well as the group members themselves. SECTION C In Section C, the synoptic findings, conclusions and recommendations with regard to this research were discussed. The limitations of the research under review were indicated and recommendations were made with the view to use it in group work theory and in practice for training and research purposes. SECTION D Although each article and sections A and C are accompanied by an own source list, a combined source list of the entire research is given in this section. SECTION E All addendums that were referred to in the thesis are contained in this section.
dc.publisherNorth-West University
dc.subjectNarrative approachen
dc.subjectGroup worken
dc.subjectLeadership development programmeen
dc.subjectSocial constructionen
dc.title'n Groepwerk-leierskapontwikkelingsprogram binne 'n kleurlinggemeenskap vanuit 'n narratiewe bemagtigingsbenaderingafr

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