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    • Characterisation of cyclists' willingness to pay for green initiatives at Africa's largest cycle tour 

      Saayman, Melville; Krugell, Waldo; Saayman, Andrea (AOSIS, 2016)
      The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour is a major event on the road cycling calendar. The majority of cyclists travel significant distances and participation produces a substantial carbon footprint. This paper examines ...
    • Competitive intelligence in South Africa: 1999-2002 and beyond 

      Viviers, Wilma; Saayman, Andrea; Muller, Marié-Luce (Africa Institute of South Africa, 2004)
      South African companies are not yet well equipped to conduct good intelligence practices - but they will have to build strong competitive intelligence practices and expertise to survive in the globalised and competitive world
    • Competitive Intelligence practices of South African and Belgian exporters 

      De Pelsmacker, Patrick; Viviers, Wilma; Saayman, Andrea; Cuyvers, Ludo; Muller, Marié-Luce (Emerald, 2005)
      Purpose – The objective of the study was to compare competitive intelligence (CI) practices of exporters in South Africa and Belgium. Design/methodology/approach – An e-mail and postal survey in a sample of 292 Belgian ...
    • Competitive intelligence: construct exploration, validation and equivalence 

      Wilhelmina, Vivier; Saayman, Andrea; Pienaar, Jacobus; De Pelsmacker, Patrick; Cuyvers, Ludo; Muller, Marié-Luce; Jegers, Marc (Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, 2008)
      Purpose: – Little empirical research has been conducted on competitive intelligence (CI). This paper aims to contribute to the quantitative strand of the CI literature by exploring and validating the theoretical constructs ...
    • Competitive intelligence: construct exploration, validation and equivalence 

      Saayman, Andrea; Pienaar, Jaco; Viviers, Wilma; De Pelsmacker, Patrick; Cuyvers, Ludo (Emerald, 2008)
      Purpose Little empirical research has been conducted on competitive intelligence (CI). This paper aims to contribute to the quantitative strand of the CI literature by exploring and validating the theoretical constructs ...
    • Determinants of inbound tourism to South Africa 

      Saayman, Melville; Saayman, Andrea (Sage, 2008)
      South Africa has experienced a significant increase in tourist arrivals over the past ten years. The challenge is to sustain this growth and therefore it is important to understand the factors that influence inbound tourism ...
    • Determinants of spending: an evaluation of three major sporting events 

      Saayman, Andrea; Saayman, Melville (2012)
      South Africa plays host to a number of major sporting events that takes place annually such as the Two Oceans Marathon, the Argus Cycle Tour and the Midmar open water mile. This research aims to identify the socio-economic ...
    • Does conservation make sense to local communities? 

      Rossouw, Riaan; Saayman, Andrea; Saayman, Melville (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
      The Kruger National Park in South Africa is a key ecotourism attraction for both domestic and international tourists. The South African National Parks have recently come under pressure to uplift communities and to build ...
    • The economic architecture of the two De Kocks 

      Saayman, Andrea; Styger, Paul (Taylor & Francis, 2011)
      Although the annual budget speech traditionally focused on fiscal matters, the minister of finance regularly covered monetary policy issues in his speech. This paper reviews and compares the monetary policy statements/views ...
    • Economic impact of visitor spending at the Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour 

      Saayman, Melville; Saayman, Andrea; Rossouw, Riaan (Africa Institute of South Africa, 2008)
      Sport events have become big business as countries as well as cities are competing fiercely to host major events. The purpose of this article is to determine the economic impact of visitor spending during the annual Cape ...
    • Enhancing a competitive Intelligence culture in South Africa 

      Viviers, W.; Saayman, Andrea; Muller, Marié-Luce (Emerald, 2005)
      Purpose For competitive intelligence (CI) to evolve into a successful business discipline in a company, a culture of competitiveness should prevail. The extent to which CI is practiced in South Africa and the CI culture ...
    • Evidence of and prerequisites for tourism-led growth in Africa 

      Chingarande, Anna (North-West University (South Africa). Potchefstroom Campus, 2017)
      The relationship between tourism development and economic growth is often described by the tourism-led growth hypothesis (TLGH). It has been a contemporary issue in the tourism economics literature, which has gained ...
    • Expenditure-based segmentation of visitors to the tsitsikamma national park 

      Kruger, Martinette; Saayman, Andrea; Saayman, Melville (The Department of Business, University of Johannesburg, 2010)
      Purpose and / or objectives : The purpose of this article is to apply expenditure-based segmentation to visitors at the Tsitsikamma National Park. The objective of the research is twofold, to identify the socio-demographic ...
    • Export intensity and the competitive intelligence of exporting companies: evidence from South Africa 

      Cuyvers, Ludo; Dumont, Michel; Viviers, Wilhelmina; Muller, Marié-Luce; De Pelsmacker, Patrick; Jegers, Marc; Saayman, Andrea (University of Pretoria, 2008)
      The present paper investigates the relationship between Competitive Intelligence (CI) factors, characteristics, information sources, needs, requirements and the export intensity of exporting companies in South Africa. We ...
    • Forecasting tourist arrivals in South Africa 

      Saayman, Andrea; Saayman, Melville (2010)
      The aim of this paper is to model and forecast tourism to South Africa from the country's main intercontinental tourism markets. These include Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States of America and France.
    • Identifying risks facing the South African tourism industry 

      Shaw, Gordon; Saayman, Melville; Saayman, Andrea (University of Pretoria. Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, 2012)
      Even though risks certainly influence travel and tourism patterns, very little research has been conducted into how the industry generally perceives and manages risks. This article aims to (i) identify the risks the South ...
    • Identifying the "big spenders" at a national arts festival 

      Kruger, Martinette; Saayman, Andrea; Saayman, Melville (University of the Free State, 2012)
      This article aims to apply expenditure-based segmentation to visitors to the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival. Surveys conducted at the Festival from 2005 to 2011 and ANOVA analyses were used to divide the visitors into ...
    • Modelling intercontinental tourism consumption in South Africa: a systems-of-equations approach 

      Saayman, Andrea; Cortés-Jiménez, I. (Wiley, 2013)
      This paper investigates the pattern of inbound tourists’ consumption in South Africa, examining four main intercontinental markets and five different tourism goods. The empirical investigation develops an almost ideal ...
    • A panel data approach to the behavioural equilibrium exchange rate of the zar 

      Saayman, Andrea (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)
      The question of currency over? or undervaluation is often asked and implies the existence of an equilibrium exchange rate (EER). The aim of this research was to determine the long?term EER of the South African rand using ...
    • Regional development and national parks in South Africa: Lessons learned 

      Saayman, Andrea; Saayman, Melville (IP Publishing Ltd, 2010)
      National parks are playing an important role in the South African tourism landscape - especially in their respective regional economies - since most foreign and many domestic tourists visit one or more of the 21 national ...