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    • Series and power series on universally complete complex vector lattices 

      Roelands, M.; Schwanke, C. (Elsevier, 2019)
      In this paper we prove an nth root test for series as well as a Cauchy–Hadamard type formula and Abel's' theorem for power series on universally complete Archimedean complex vector lattices. These results are aimed at ...
    • The tension between (methodological) individualism and holism 

      Strauss, Danie (Vereniging vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys, 2016)
      Schumpeter, a student of Max Weber, introduced the phrase methodological individualism in 1908. For Weber concepts such as 'state', 'club' and 'feudalism' are reducible to 'understandable' actions of individual human beings. ...