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    • Cosmic ray flux anisotropies caused by astrospheres 

      Scherer, K.; Strauss, R.D.; Ferreira, S.E.S.; Fichtner, H. (Elsevier, 2016)
      Huge astrospheres or stellar wind bubbles influence the propagation of cosmic rays at energies up to the TeV range and can act as small-scale sinks decreasing the cosmic ray flux. We model such a sink (in 2D) by a sphere ...
    • A study of cosmic ray anisotropies in the heliosphere 

      Nkosi, Godfrey Sibusiso (North-West University, 2006)
      The three-dimensional (3D) steady-state electron modulation model of Ferreira (2002), based on Parker (1965) transport equation, is used to study the modulation of the 7 MeV galactic and Jovian electron anisotropies in ...