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    • Bitcoin exchange transactions: income tax implications to consider within the South African environment 

      Berger, Lynette Louise (2016)
      The use of bitcoins as a medium of exchange is not yet widespread in South Africa, however, it has been noted that this industry is growing at a fast rate as several online retailers are now accepting bitcoins as a means ...
    • A few South African cents' worth on bitcoin 

      Nieman, Annamart (2015)
      This article is aimed at augmenting current awareness of virtual currencies ("VCs") in the South African legal community. To this end, it introduces the reader to VCs in general and decentralised convertible VCs ("DCVCs") ...
    • The legal nature of bond notes in Zimbabwe 

      Takaedza, L.N. (North-West University, 2019)
      The legal field of money and currency is one of the most complex fields of law. Issues of creation of money and its regulation have largely been left to sovereign nations with little interference at international level. ...