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    • Sex-dependent behavior, neuropeptide profile and antidepressant response in rat model of depression 

      Sanchez, Connie; Wegener, Gregers; El Khoury, Aram; Hassan, Moustapha; Mathé, Aleksander A. (Elsevier, 2018)
      A plethora of animal models of depression is described in the literature, aiming at mimicking different aspects of depression. Understanding the link between depression and stress has been and remains a major focus area ...
    • Translational medicine strategies in PTSD drug development 

      Stein, Dan J.; Harvey, Brian H.; Daniels, Willie (Elsevier, 2019)
      Once considered a normal response to an abnormal traumatic event, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been reconceptualized in terms of unusual persistence of fear-conditioned responses. Selective serotonin reuptake ...