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    • Avian ecology of arid habitats in Namibia 

      Potgieter, Henriette Cornelia (North-West University, 2015)
      Examination of bird assemblages along an environmental gradient which encompasses both climate and habitat change is needed if we are to better understand the potential effects of these changes for avians and the ecological ...
    • Birds of the riparian corridors of Potchefstroom, South Africa 

      Wyma, Rindert (North-West University, 2012)
      A riparian ecosystem is the area between the aquatic and terrestrial setting of a stream, and serves as a corridor and habitat for birds. Several riparian ecosystems are located in urban environments, and three main riparian ...
    • Riparian bird diversity of the Ndumo Game Reserve, South Africa 

      Dinkelmann, Annerie (North-West University, 2016)
      Riparian areas are the ecotones between aquatic and terrestrial landscapes. They are critical areas for biodiversity conservation as they are rich in species diversity. Riparian habitats have more complex vegetation ...