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    • In vitro permeation of platinum and rhodium through Caucasian skin 

      Franken, A.; Eloff, F.C.; Du Plessis, J.; Badenhorst, C.J.; Jordaan, A.; Du Plessis, J.L. (Elsevier, 2014)
      During platinum group metals (PGMs) refining the possibility exists for dermal exposure to PGM salts. The dermal route has been questioned as an alternative route of exposure that could contribute to employee sensitisation, ...
    • In vitro skin permeation of selected platinum group metals 

      Franken, Anja (2014)
      Background: Platinum group metal (PGM) mining and refining is a large constituent of the mining sector of South Africa and contributes significantly to the gross domestic product. The PGMs include the rare metals platinum ...