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    • Large-scale design and testing of an improved fine coal dewatering system 

      Le Roux, M.; Campbell, Q.P.; Smit, W. (SAIMM, 2012)
      Fine coal (-500 μm) is notoriously difficult to dewater. It is not uncommon for a dewatered product to have a moisture content as high as 30 per cent after vacuum filtration. This poses several handling and financial ...
    • Moisture adsorption and desorption characteristics of some South African coals 

      Campbell, Q.P.; Barnardo, M.D.; Bunt, J.R. (SAIMM, 2013)
      The high final total moisture content of fine coal after mining and processing is one of the major reasons that this resource is not extensively used in subsequent power generation, combustion, or other conversion processes. ...
    • Winnowing as a dry separation method for fine coal 

      Morgan, L. (North-West University (South Africa), 2020)
      Dry coal processing is fast becoming favoured as a fine coal beneficiation technique. The decline in suitable good-quality coal, as well as the ongoing decrease in usable process water, makes dry beneficiation of the fine ...