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    • Credit price optimisation within retail banking 

      Terblanche, S.E.; De la Rey, T. (Operations Research Society of South Africa, 2014)
      The willingness of a customer to pay for a product or service is mathematically captured by a price elasticity model. The model relates the responsiveness of customers to a change in the quoted price. In addition to ...
    • Decomposition of complex two-dimensional shapes into simple convex shapes 

      Van Rensburg, Z. (North-West University (South Africa), 2019)
      Decomposing a complex shape into visually significant parts comes naturally for humans, and turns out to be very useful in areas such as shape analysis, shape matching, recognition, topology extraction, collision detection ...
    • Economic and social effects of novel supply chain concepts and virtual enterprises 

      Kovács, György; Kot, Sebastian (Centre of Sociological Research, 2017)
      Growing market globalization, increasing global competition, more complex products results in application of new technologies, methods and business processes - due to the abovementioned tendencies novel supply chain ...