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    • Cosmic-ray positrons from millisecond pulsars 

      Venter, C.; Kopp, A.; Büsching, I.; Harding, A.K.; Gonthier, P.L. (IOP Publishing, 2015)
      Observations by the Fermi Large Area Telescope of γ-ray millisecond pulsar (MSP) light curves imply copious pair production in their magnetospheres, and not exclusively in those of younger pulsars. Such pair cascades may ...
    • Empirical constraints on the general relativistic electric field associated with PSR J0437-4715 

      Venter, C.; De Jager, O.C. (IOP Publishing, 2005)
      We simulate the magnetosphere of the nearby millisecond pulsar PSR J0437-4715, which is expected to have an unscreened electric potential due to the lack of magnetic pair production. We incorporate general relativistic ...