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    • The MeerKAT international GHz tiered extragalactic exploration (MIGHTEE) survey 

      Jarvis, Matt J.; Oozeer, N.; Taylor, A.R.; Agudo, I.; Allison, James R. (Sissa Medialab, 2016)
      The MIGHTEE large survey project will survey four of the most well-studied extragalactic deep fields, totalling 20 square degrees to μ Jy sensitivity at Giga-Hertz frequencies, as well as an ultra-deep ...
    • A MeerKAT view on galaxy clusters 

      Bernardi, G.; Oozeer, N.; Venturi, T.; Cassano, R.; Brunetti, G. (Sissa Medialab, 2016)
      Almost two decades of observations of radio emission in galaxy clusters have proven the existence of relativistic particles and magnetic fields that generate extended synchrotron emission in the form of radio halos. In the ...