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    • Dancing with literature: an overview of South African ballroom dancing. 

      Green, Alida (School for Basic Sciences, Vaal Triangle Campus, North-West University, 2009)
      • Opsomming: Hoewel baldanse deel maak van Suid-Afrika se ryk erfenis, is hierdie sosiale aktiwiteit se kulturele-en maatskaplike waarde tot dusvêr nie in diepte ondersoek nie. Hierdie artikel gee ‘n kort oorsig oor ...
    • Hominisation and humanisation: a perspective from the sociology of technics 

      Wolff, Ernst (Department of Philosophy, University of Pretoria, 2006)
      This essay will present a few challenges to a new Humanism from the perspective of the sociology of technics. For this purpose Humanism will be described as an effort to intervene in the process of human formation or ...
    • Water and the human culture of appropriation: the Vaal River up to 1956 

      Tempelhoff, J W N (2006)
      There is discernable evidence of the human presence having historically appropriated the 1300 kilometer long Vaal River of South Africa as it extends itself from the Drakensberg Plateau into the arid Karoo region. This ...