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    • Climate wars and fat wars: a new role for law 

      Kroeze, Irma J. (AOSIS, 2017)
      Public trust in science is eroding because of a number of conflicts. In the sphere of climate science and of nutrition science, a basic methodological difference between scientists has escalated into what can be called ...
    • Is law science? 

      Roos, M C (2014)
      The question this contribution sets out to address is whether or not law can be regarded as a science. This notion is readily accepted by many, yet it is submitted that a proper theoretical justification for such an ...
    • Legal research methodology and the dream of interdisciplinarity 

      Kroeze, Irma J (2013)
      There are increasing calls for academics to abandon "traditional" disciplinary research and to engage in multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary research. The argument is that this will serve to break down working in "silos" ...