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dc.contributor.authorXaba, M.I.
dc.identifier.citationXaba, M.I. 2012. A qualitative analysis of facilities maintenance – a school governance function in South Africa. South African journal of education, 32(2):215-226. []en_US
dc.description.abstractI analysed school facilities maintenance, a school governance function in South Africa. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 13 principals and three deputy principals as coordinators of this function at their schools. The interviews were purposively and conveniently selected to gather data regarding school facilities maintenance and gain insight into the challenges this function presents to schools and their governing bodies. Findings indicate that schools generally do not have organisational structures for planned facilities maintenance, nor do they have policies on facilities maintenance. Evidence of facilities maintenance at schools mainly relates to concerns with facilities repairs, (mostly "as the need arises") and general campus cleanliness; mostly with emergency and corrective forms of maintenance as opposed to crucial preventive maintenance. Therefore, there is a need for interim facilities maintenance committees and, in the long term, a whole-school approach to facilities maintenance that makes facilities maintenance a strategic lever for school functionality.
dc.publisherEducational Asociation of SA (EASA)
dc.subjectFacilities maintenance
dc.subjectFacilities maintenance categories
dc.subjectFacilities maintenance inspection
dc.subjectFacilities maintenance organisation
dc.subjectFacilities maintenance planning
dc.subjectFacilities maintenance polices
dc.subjectFacilities management
dc.subjectSchool facilities
dc.subjectSchool facilities maintenance
dc.subjectService systems maintenance
dc.titleA qualitative analysis of facilities maintenance – a school governance function in South Africaen_US
dc.contributor.researchID10066276 - Xaba, Mgadla Isaac

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