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dc.descriptionThesis (M.Ed) North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, 2011en_US
dc.description.abstractA strategic plan is the physical document that embodies the guiding orientations about how to manage the education system within a larger national and local development perspective. Such a plan can lead to school effectiveness, improvement and development strategies. Not alI plans obtain this status, largely depending on how a plan is designed. A qualitative investigation was conducted in two primary schools in the Mahikeng Area Office of the North-West Province of South Africa. Document analysis. in-depth interviews with two principals and two SGB chairpersons as well as focus group interviews with eight teachers from participating schools were used to collect data to investigate how the primary schools designed and implemented strategic plans. The investigation seems to suggest that. while an individual school community may craft a strategic plan in its own way, there are common aspects that underpin the whole process. Among others, devising a strategic plan takes technical knowledge and skill for its execution whereby schools determine and set realistic objectives, time frames. perfom1ance indicators, costing and stakeholder participation. This led to the recommendation that further professional development for school leaders is recommended in order to develop and explore the opportunities for strategic thinking that exist around strategic management. The policies on WSE, IQMS, EMGD, NNSSF, and QL TC draw the importance strategic plans and serve as an integrated implementation framework in executing these plans. Therefore it is recommended a model be designed to guide schools on how to crafts their strategic plans by integrating the mentioned policies. Again. longitudinal study is recommended which will be conducted during all stages of crafting strategic plans that are during designing, implementing and reviewing. It is concluded that a strategic plan is a great tool for school effectiveness, improvement and development. It ensures a coherent action plan process for school renewal, innovation and change and through this plan schools are able to account for their own prosperity and challenges. There are challenges regarding the implementation of strategic plans. Schools dedicate a significant amount of time consulting key stakeholders in formulating and reviewing strategic goals, though they are still experiencing challenges on educational practices like PPM and parental involvement.en_US
dc.titleThe design and implementation of strategic plans in Primary Schools / A case study of two Mahikeng area office Primary Schoolsen

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