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dc.contributor.authorPaul-François Muzindutsi
dc.contributor.authorTshediso Joseph Sekhampu
dc.identifier.citationMuzindutsi, P-F., & Sekhampu, T.J. 2014. Determinants of wellbeing in a South African Township. International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity Studies (IJ-SSHS), 6(1):47-57. []en_US
dc.description.abstractLife evaluations capture a reflective assessment on a person’s life or some specific aspects of it. Given the relative lack of empirical work on subjective wellbeing (SWB) amongst residents in South African townships, this paper seeks to fill that gap by exploring the determinants of SWB in a township of Kwakwatsi. This study is based on household data collected through a survey to investigate the factors that might affect wellbeing. A multiple regression model was used to determine the impact of selected socio-economic variables on wellbeing. The mean score for wellbeing was 12, indicating that on average people in the area are substantially dissatisfied with their lives. The age, educational attainment, employment status of the head, and the number of household members employed were found to exert a positive impact on wellbeing, whereas household size was negatively associated with wellbeing. Information provided through the study can be used when planning interventions relating to low income residentsen_US
dc.publisherThe Social Sciences Research Society (SOSRES)en_US
dc.subjectLife satisfactionen_US
dc.subjectSouth Africaen_US
dc.titleDeterminants of wellbeing in a South African Townshipen_US
dc.contributor.researchID24754293 - Muzindutsi, Paul-Francois
dc.contributor.researchID13172611 - Sekhampu, Tshediso Joseph

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