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    • A very-high-energy component deep in the γ-ray burst afterglow 

      Abdalla, H.; Arcaro, C.; Backes, M.; Barnard, M.; Böttcher, M.; Chand, T.; Chandra, S.; Kreter, M.; Ndiyavala, H.; Schutte, H.M.; Seyffert, A.S.; Van der Walt, D.J.; Van Rensburg, C.; Venter, C.; Wadiasingh, Z.; Zacharias, M.; Zywucka, N. (Nature, 2019)
      Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are brief flashes of γ-rays and are considered to be the most energetic explosive phenomena in the Universe1. The emission from GRBs comprises a short (typically tens of seconds) and bright prompt ...