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    • Cosmic-ray yield and response functions in the atmosphere 

      Caballero-Lopez, R.A.; Moraal, H. (American Geophysical Union, 2012)
      Since the middle 1950s, neutron monitors have provided a continuous record of the intensity of secondary atmospheric particles produced by the primary cosmic radiation above the atmosphere. The number of counts due to ...
    • The modulation of galactic cosmic-ray electrons in the heliosheath 

      Caballero-Lopez, R.A.; Moraal, H.; McDonald, F.B. (IOP Publishing, 2010)
      Voyager 1 has observed strong increases in the intensities of 2-160 MeV electrons since crossing the termination shock of the heliosphere in 2004 December. Before this time these intensities were submerged below the detector ...
    • On the pulse shape of ground-level enhancements 

      Strauss, R.D.; Ogunjobi, O.; Moraal, H.; McCracken, K.G.; Caballero-Lopez, R.A. (Springer, 2017)
      We study the temporal intensity profile, or pulse shape, of cosmic ray ground-level enhancements (GLEs) by calculating the rise (τr) and decay (τd) times for a small subset of all available events. Although these quantities ...