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    • Demographic and socio–economic factors affecting contraceptive use in Malawi 

      Palamuleni, Martin Enock (KRE Publishers, 2014)
      Malawi has one of the highest Contraceptive Prevalence Rates (CPR) in sub-Saharan Africa. However, fertility remains high and fertility decline is slow. This paper uses data from the 2000 and ...
    • Determinants of adolescent fertility in Malawi 

      Palamuleni, Martin E. (IFE Centre for Psychological Studies (ICPS), 2017)
      High adolescent fertility is recognized as a global challenge given its adverse consequences. As such understanding the factors that influence adolescent fertility is critical to addressing this challenge. This study aims ...
    • Prevalence and determinants of unintended pregnancies in Malawi 

      Palamuleni, Martin Enock; Adebowale, Ayo Stephen (African Population Studies, 2014)
      Available statistics indicate high levels of unintended pregnancies in Africa. This study examines the prevalence and determinants of unintended pregnancies in Malawi based on 2,144 pregnant women extracted from the 2010 ...