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    • Development in astronomy and space science in Africa 

      Pović, Mirjana; Backes, Michael; Baki, Paul; Baratoux, David; Tessema, Solomon Belay (Nature, 2018)
      The development of astronomy and space science in Africa has grown significantly over the past few years. These advancements make the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals more achievable, and open up the possibility ...
    • Woefzela - an open-source platform for ASR data collection in the developing world 

      de Vries, Nic J.; Badenhorst, Jaco; Davel, Marelie H.; Barnard, Etienne; de Waal, Alta (Interspeech 2011, 2011)
      Building transcribed speech corpora for under-resourced languages plays a pivotal role in developing speech technologies for such languages. We have developed an open-source tool for devices running the Android operating ...