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    • Artemisinin quinoline hybrid-dimers: synthesis and in vitro antiplasmodial activity 

      Lombard, Marli C.; N'Da, David D.; Breytenbach, Jaco C.; Smith, Peter J.; Lategan, Carmen A. (Elsevier, 2010)
      Novel artemisinin–quinoline hybrid-dimers were synthesized from dihydroartemisinin and different aminoquinolines at elevated temperatures (90–110 °C). All compounds were obtained as the β-isomers and were tested against ...
    • The case for development of 11-aza-artemisinins for malaria 

      Harmse, Rozanne; Smit, Frans; Haynes, Richard K.; N'Da, David D.; Wong, Ho Ning (Bentham Science, 2015)
      The current treatment regimens for uncomplicated malaria comprise an artemisinin in combination with another drug (ACT). However, the recent emergence of resistance to ACTs in South East Asia dramatically emphasizes the ...
    • Synthesis and in vitro biological evaluation of dihydroartemisinyl-chalcone esters 

      Smit, Frans J.; N'Da, David D.; Van Biljon, Riëtte A.; Birkholtz, Lyn-Marie (Elsevier, 2015)
      A series of dihydroartemisinyl-chalcone esters were synthesized through esterification of chalcones with dihydroartemisinin (DHA). The hybrids were screened against chloroquine (CQ) sensitive (3D7) and CQ resistant (W2) ...