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    • Heroes and Villains in 2 Maccabees 8:1-36: a rhetorical analysis 

      Coetzer, Eugene (The Old Testament Society of Southern Africa (OTSSA), 2016)
      In recent years, scholarly contributions to the study of 2 Maccabees have shifted towards a focus on larger themes and rhetorical elements. This, in turn, allowed for a deeper understanding of the narrative aim and the ...
    • Matthew’s Sitz im Leben and the emphasis on the Torah 

      Viljoen, Francois Petrus (Fakulteit Teologie, Universiteit van die Vrystaat, 2012)
      The role of the Torah is the subject of a full scale discussion in the first Gospel. This article investigates the socio-historical setting that produced this text with such an emphasis on Torah observance. To address these ...
    • The Matthean community within a Jewish religious society 

      Viljoen, Francois (AOSIS, 2016)
      It is argued that the Matthean Gospel partially reflects the unstable political and religious situation in which this document originated. Broad outlines are postulated of this probable religious situation. This article ...