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    • The ancient versions of Lamentations 

      Van Rooy, Herrie F. (University of Stellenbosch, 2012)
      The Ancient Versions of the Old Testament can be utilised for different purposes. Two of the most important usages of the Septuagint, Peshitta, Vulgate and the Targums are their use in the process of reconstructing the ...
    • Spectres of YHWH:  some hauntological remarks on Lamentations 3 

      Gericke, Jaco (University of Stellenbosch, Department of Biblical Studies, 2012)
      In this article, the author offers a brief hauntological perspective on Lamentations 3. After discussing some of the rudiments of the relevant type of Derridean philosophy of history/literature, the hauntological layers ...