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    • Centaurus A: hard x-ray and high-energy gamma-ray light curve correlation 

      Davids, Isak Delberth; Böttcher, Markus; Backes, Michael (MDPI, 2019)
      Centaurus A, powered by a 55 million solar mass supermassive black hole, has been intensively monitored in all accessible wavelength ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, its very-high energy gamma ( γ ) ray ...
    • Modelling the growing population of y-ray millisecond pulsars 

      Venter, C.; Harding, A.K.; Johnson, T.J. (Springer, 2011)
      TheFermiLarge Area Telescope, in collaboration with several groups from the radio community, have had marvellous success at uncovering new γ-ray millisecond pulsars (MSPs). In fact, MSPs now make up a sizable fraction of ...