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    • The fast radio burst luminosity function and death line in the low-twist Magnetar Model 

      Wadiasingh, Zorawar; Beniamini, Paz; Timokhin, Andrey; Baring, Matthew G.; Van der Horst, Alexander J. (IOP, 2020)
      We explore the burst energy distribution of fast radio bursts (FRBs) in the low-twist magnetar model of Wadiasingh & Timokhin (WT19). Motivated by the power-law fluence distributions of FRB 121102, we propose an elementary ...
    • Fast radio burst trains from magnetar oscillations 

      Wadiasingh, Zorawar; Chirenti, Cecilia (IOP Publishing, 2020)
      Quasi-periodic oscillations inferred during rare magnetar giant flare tails were initially interpreted as torsional oscillations of the neutron star (NS) crust, and have been more recently described as global core+crust ...