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    • Drivers of regional crop variability in Chad 

      Nilsson, Erik; Becker, Per; Uvo, Cintia Bertacchi; Persson, Magnus (Elsevier, 2020)
      Highlights • Combines environmental and livelihood data to analyze regional crop production in Chad. • Structural breaks are identified and used to detrend the crop statistics. • Combines quantitative and qualitative ...
    • Rethinking the use of causal theories in social sciences: a focus on accounting and finance 

      Scrimnger-Christian, Charmaine; Musvoto, Saratiel Wedzerai (Clute Institute [for academic research], 2011)
      This study highlights the problems associated with the use of deterministic models in social scientific disciplines such as accounting and finance. A deterministic theory connotes a self-defining set of physical relations ...
    • Who are the big spenders at a motorcycle event? 

      Kruger, Martinette; Viljoen, Armand; Saayman, Melville (University of Johannesburg, 2015)
      Africa Bike Week, considered South Africa’s premier biking event, attracts large numbers of bikers, especially Harley-Davidson bikers, and bike enthusiasts from across the country. This study investigated these visitors ...