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    • Attitude change through understanding (cognition) of the influence of the persuasive language of liturgy 

      Kruger, Ferdi (AOSIS, 2016)
      The aim of this article is to argue that the use of language in liturgy during worship services should be meaningful to contribute to persuasion in the lives of the participants in liturgy. Language is a prominent medium ...
    • ’n Liturgie van aftrede 

      De Klerk, B.J. (Ben) (2005, 2005)
      A liturgy of retirement Retirement is one of the largest transitions in the life cycle of the human being. This article investigates the possibility of a liturgy of retirement and its application in practice. As retirement ...
    • Sakramentele kerkwees herontdek 

      Kruger, J.P. (Universiteit van Stellenbosch, 2013)
      The demise of a participatory world view – characterized in this article as a world view of transcendence in immanence – has had far reaching consequences for the understanding of the church, the embodiment par excellence ...