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    • Convergence and endonormativity at phase 4 of the dynamic model 

      van Rooy, Bertus (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2014)
      At Phase 4 of the Dynamic Model, Schneider (2007) postulates that a stable postcolonial English will gain acceptance in a country, and become endonormative, but it will also be perceived as homogenous. This paper argues ...
    • Do the Modals of Black and White South African English Converge? 

      Van Rooy, Bertus; Wasserman, Ronel (Sage, 2014)
      Convergence between native and nonnative varieties, the so-called settler and indigenous strands of English in postcolonial settings, is a characteristic of the fourth phase in Schneider’s dynamic model of English. The ...
    • An introduction to Bayesian statistics in health psychology 

      Depaoli, Sarah; Van de Schoot, Rens; Rus, Holly M.; Clifton, James P.; Tiemensma, Jitske (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
      The aim of the current article is to provide a brief introduction to Bayesian statistics within the field of health psychology. Bayesian methods are increasing in prevalence in applied fields, and they have been shown in ...