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    • Chaplygin-gas solutions of f(R) gravity 

      Elmardi, Maye; Abebe, Amare; Tekola, Abiy (World Scientific Publishing, 2016)
      We explore exact f(R) gravity solutions that mimic Chaplygin-gas inspired CDM cosmology. Starting with the original, generalized and modified Chaplygin gas equations of state, we reconstruct the forms of f(R) Lagrangians. ...
    • Integrability conditions of quasi-Newtonian cosmologies in modified gravity 

      Abebe, Amare; Dunsby, Peter K.S.; Solomons, Deon (World Scientific, 2017)
      We investigate the integrability conditions of a class of shear-free perfect-fluid cosmological models within the framework of anisotropic fluid sources, applying our results to f(R) dark energy models. Generalizing earlier ...