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    • Evaluation of the Financial Threat Scale (FTS) in four European, non–student samples 

      Marjanovic, Zdravko; Greenglass, Esther R.; Fiksenbaum, Lisa; De Witte, Hans; Garcia-Santos, Francisco; Buchwald, Petra; Peiro, Jose María; Mañas, Miguel A. (Elsevier Science Inc, 2015)
      The Financial Threat Scale (FTS) was designed to asses levels of fear, uncertainty, and preoccupation about the stability and security of one's finances. In previous research with Canadian university students, it was shown ...
    • Working hours mismatch, macroeconomic changes, and mental well-being in Europe 

      De Moortel, Deborah; Thévenon, Olivier; De Witte, Hans; Van Roelen, Christophe (Sage, 2017)
      This study explores the association between involuntarily working less or more than the standard workweek and poor mental well-being, and whether this relationship is dependent upon (changing) national-level unemployment ...