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    • Down memory lane to a better future 

      Vorster, Jakobus (Koos) M (OpenJournals Publishing, 2009)
      In the body of research on an ethics of forgiveness, scholars differ about the place of remembrance in the act of forgiveness. One line of thought follows the argument of the philosopher Nietzsche, who maintained that ...
    • The psychology of forgiveness and its importance in South Africa 

      Worthington, Everett L.; Cowden, Richard G. (Sage, 2017)
      The purpose of this qualitative review is to stimulate empirical research on forgiveness within South Africa (and other portions of Africa). The article explores a Western understanding of the psychology of forgiveness, ...
    • Trait forgiveness and dyadic adjustment predict postnatal depression 

      Ripley, Jennifer S.; Cowden, Richard G.; Worthington, Everett L.; Garthe, Rachel C.; Davis, Don E. (Springer, 2018)
      The birth of a first child can be stressful on intimate partner relationships and the women having their first child. Conflict can occur, and hurts might be experienced, which could lead to post-partum depression. Thus, ...