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    • Searches for gamma-ray lines and 'pure WIMP' spectra from Dark Matter annihilations in dwarf galaxies with H.E.S.S. 

      Abdalla, H.; Arcaro, C.; Barnard, M.; Böttcher, M.; Chandra, S.; Krüger, P.P.; Ndiyavala, H.; Seyffert, A.S.; Spanier, F.; Van der Walt, D.J.; Van Rensburg, C.; Venter, C.; Wadiasingh, Z.; Zacharias, M.; H.E.S.S. Collaboration (IOP Publishing, 2018)
      Dwarf spheroidal galaxies are among the most promising targets for detecting signals of Dark Matter (DM) annihilations. The H.E.S.S. experiment has observed five of these systems for a total of about 130 hours. The data ...