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    • Discovery of periodic class II methanol masers associated with G339.986−0.425 region 

      Maswanganye, J.P.; Van der Walt, D.J.; Goedhart, S.; Gaylard, M.J. (Oxford Univ Press, 2016)
      10 new class II methanol masers from the 6.7-GHz Methanol Multibeam survey catalogues III and IV were selected for a monitoring programme at both 6.7 and 12.2 GHz with the 26-m Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory ...
    • Periodicity in Class II methanol masers in high-mass star-forming regions 

      Goedhart, S.; Maswanganye, J.P.; Van der Walt, D.J.; Gaylard, M.J. (Oxford Univ Press, 2014)
      We report the results of 10 years of monitoring of six regularly varying 6.7 GHz methanol masers using the Hartebeesthoek 26-m telescope. Observations were done at intervals of 1–2 weeks, with faster sampling during ...