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    • Hope Kept in Heaven' in Colossians and 1 Peter 

      Wilson, Alistair I. (AOSIS, 2016)
      In Colossians 1:5, Paul (who is assumed to be the author for the purposes of this article) writes of ‘the hope stored up for you in heaven’ (New International Version [NIV]). This text appears to present hope (ἐλπίς) as ...
    • Representations of hope, goals, and meaning from lay person’s perspectives in two African contexts 

      Wilson, Angelina; Wissing, Marié P.; Ndima, Lungelwa; Somhlaba, Nceba Z. (Sage, 2018)
      In the rapidly expanding field of positive psychology, a core question is now what the relationships among various positive constructs are and how we can understand this in various contexts. We aimed to explore the possible ...