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    • Hilbert and Thompson isometries on cones in JB-algebras 

      Lemmens, Bas; Roelands, Mark; Wortel, Marten (Springer, 2019)
      Hilbert’s and Thompson’s metric spaces on the interior of cones in JB-algebras are important examples of symmetric Banach-Finsler spaces. In this paper we characterize the Hilbert’s metric isometries on the interiors of ...
    • Isometries of infinite dimensional Hilbert geometries 

      Lemmens, Bas; Roelands, Mark; Wortel, Marten (World Scientific, 2018)
      In this paper we extend two classical results concerning the isometries of strictly convex Hilbert geometries, and the characterisation of the isometry groups of Hilbert geometries on finite dimensional simplices, to ...